Etchings, Drypoints & Mezzotints: sea lilies

The fantastical strangeness of thousands of different sea lily forms, evolved over 500 million years, has led to this continued series of prints. Homage is paid to the historical traditions of printmaking in the practice of both art and science. These imaginary translations from scientific records, honour past and present forms as well as scientists’ human endeavour to treat perceptions as objective truths.

‘scyphocrinites’ drypoint on somerset paper 18.5x11cm [edition of 20] Collection Museo Civico Ala Ponzone – Cremona  Italy
‘barrandeocrinus’ etching & aquatint on somerset paper 24.5×21 cm [Edition of 20]
‘dorycrinus’ aquatint mezzotint 20 x 19cm on somerset [Edition of 20]
‘ctenocrinus’ etching on somerset 20x18cm [Edition of 20]
‘camptocrinus’ soft ground etching on somerset 30×19 cm [Edition of 20]